“Health is not valued until sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

GRW– strong immunity – healthy body

MLS– a remedy for getting rid of parasites

ALT – for quick elimination of allergies-cleanses the blood, lymph and kidneys from the use of hormonal drugs, antibiotics

NRM– a means for controlling sugar levels-Normalizes blood sugar levels and the work of the endocrine and hormonal systems.

ICE– a means to normalize the work of the stomach eliminate digestive problems, nausea, heartburn, increased gas formation

HPR– means for restoring, protecting and cleansing the liver

HRT– a tool for maintaining the heart, improving the cardiovascular system, preventing heart pathologies, normalizing heart rhythm, blood pressure, protecting blood vessels

SLD– a means for restoring and improving the joints

STP– a means to quickly eliminate pain of any origin.

GTS -to increase energy. Restores physical and mental performance.

RLX– A means to eliminate nervous tension, increased anxiety, normalize the nervous system, protect against stress.

PWR woman – for the preservation of female beauty, youth, elimination of violations in the intimate sphere.

PWR man-prevents neoplasms, prostate adenoma.

BRN– to improve brain function.

BTY– for skin aging, for healthy nails, hair, etc.